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Bathing outfit and WickedWhims

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I have a relatively complex troubleshooting issue that involved multiple mods. . . I'm trying to create a one of these cloven sims. . . NOTE It is a female with the "this sim has a penis" option enabled. . . ( http://pyxiidis.tumblr.com/post/179538353771/dionysus-things-for-cloven-folk-by-pyxis-satyrs ) I use the outfit tools mod to change the bathing 1 outfit to include the hair (a legging item) and the hooves (a shoe item). http://modthesims.info/d/541770/outfit-tools-copy-any-outfit-v4.html Everything base game wise seams to work (in the shower, etc) the correct articles remain equiped, but during Wicked Whim interaction both the fur and hooves are removed. I have tried a bunch of various "outfit settings" options yet I cant seem to get them to remain equipped during animations. . . an I missing something?

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Certain items don't seem to be removed during sex animations but some you have to actually tell it not to unequip somewhere in the main options menu of the mod.

You can tell it to not remove boots and leggings but Im not certain if every item is included.


From what I have seen rings, bracelets, earrings, glasses, and most any item marked for hand or head is not removed by default.

Tattoos are not removed either.

Perhaps make fur one of those items.

Hooves if marked as shoes may not be removed if you use the option for it in the Wicked Whims menu.

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