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Two Creation Kit issues


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I want to turn my OCs into NPCs in Skyrim to make it easier to take certain screenshots. I found a nice simple guide to do that and have been following. One thing the guide doesn't account for is custom hair colors. How do I get an NPC to have the custom colors some of my OCs have?


Even without the hair color problem I think I worked out how to build my OCs. Only after trying to test it in the game did I discover a problem. You see, I have two hard drives on my computer, a C Drive and an E Drive. Originally I had Skyrim and all my other Steam games installed on my C Drive. When that ran out of space I switched everything over to my much larger E Drive. Now I don't know how it happened but right now I have two Skyrim game folders, one on each Drive. Mod Organizer still pulls from my C Drive Skyrim for the game data and SKSE. But the Creation Kit is installed in my E Drive Skyrim and saved my OC NPC modifications there. So when I have Mod Organizer start up my game, since SKSE is in the C Drive it starts up my game from there and doesn't detect my new NPC.

I don't know how it got so convoluted but is there a way to quickly copy new NPC from my E Drive to my C Drive? Are there specific files I need to copy over? If not, is there a way to move the CK over to my C Drive so I can redo it? How should I resolve this? Am I even making any sense?


This is the guide I'm referencing if anyone is curious.


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