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Weird eye glitch after porting NPCs to SSE

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After porting my followers from Oldrim to SSE with this guide (Youtube), this weird thing on their eyes appears (Image)
This is the only issue im having with them, so if someone could help to determine what is causing that issue, i will be really grateful.


It looks like a second eyelash, not sure if its a mesh or texture issue, what i should do?.

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Known issue with Nif Optimizer - it can't do eyes.
My Porting Tutorial

If it is an eye mesh or a facegen the solution is the same!

Eye Meshes

These are prone to a unique bug that NIF Optimizer cannot fix (yet).  Documentation  This fix requires the use of NIFSkope

  1. optimize the head part meshes correctly with NifOptimizer FIRST

  2. load a working EyesFemale.nif (or male, if your dodgy mesh is male eyes) into NifSkope.  Extract from Skyrim - Meshes0.BSA using BAE

  3. locate 5-NiSkinPartition and highlight it (5 is the correct index for a vanilla SE EyesFemale.nif)
    hint: click the eye mesh in render view to highlight the correct BSTriShape
    BSTriShape > NiSkinInstance > 5 NiSkinPartition

  4. right-click 5-NiSkinPartition and select Block > Copy

  5. load the FaceGeom mesh with dodgy eyes into another instance of NifSkope

  6. Select the dodgy NiSkinPartition and paste OVER not just paste!

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