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Bad Fps with GTx 1080

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Hello fellow skyrim fans,


After spending a lot of money on a Gtx 1080 i thought i could finally play Skyrim Se with an enb with 60 FPS BUT running around Riverwood or Whiterun i get about 45-55 fps. 

You would think with a Gtx 1080 this would not be possible. I searched the internet for days for a fix but found nothing. Does somebody know what is causing this?


I only have a few mods installed. Most of them are Armor mods. The most taxing ones would be Morrwloot and ElFX. Iam using Rudy Enb....


Oh and before some 12 year old kek writes UpDaTe YoUr DrIvErS i have allready done that....

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A good graphics card is only part of the equation.  You need a decent processor, and good RAM to back up your GPU.  I recently ugpraded to an i9700k processor, and 16 GB of RAM at 3600 Mhz.  I saw an FPS boost in several areas I wasn't getting 60 FPS at, despite having a GTX 1080 in each build.  I run ENB and 200 mods.

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