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[REQUEST] Human with Saddle Bone

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I have located the skeleton file I found a while back, but though it appears fine it crashes the game.

Can someone more experienced slap a saddle bone onto a humanoid skeleton for me, please?

I'm looking to do [pic below] with followers... just need a working skeleton at this point!




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!! BU-DUMP !!


Can someone please attach this bone for me?


I've got Nature's Taxi Service combined with a mini monster girl type mod, but my deer/fauns, cow/cowgirls, & goat/satyrs no longer function as mounts due to the missing node. :'(


On 1/6/2019 at 8:21 AM, winny257 said:

. . .

Please read before you post. Neither of those are correct/relevant.

The crawling was the wrong mod and Monster Mounts is only an example. It uses dragon priest skeletons, which as not compatible with humans.

Thanks anyway...

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