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Shoulder Arm mesh problem laying down animation Campfire

Kira shadowstep

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Hi there!

I'm having this weird issue with the laying down animation. It's most noticeable when using Campfire. I use UUNP perky divergence body but I've tried it with straight UNP and it happens with that too. It happens both with and without armor. Does anyone know of a fix? 


From what I understand it might be the animation itself for laying down morphing the body mesh too much which causes this. But not too sure about how to go about fixing it. 




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Thanks RW311!


I don't know how to 3d model at all I'm afraid. I'm not even sure of the animation name or how to find it. I think it's just going to have to be something I live with in the game. A part of me thinks it might be a problem with XPMSE's Skeleton but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks for the link though I'll take a look for sure. 

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