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Ouch, hole in the upper body


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Sometimes this happens to one of my sims.


I can fix it by opening the cas mode and go back. But does anybody know how this can happen?

This Error has nothing to do with the clothing and is not only affecting one specific sim.

But as fas I've seen it only affects female sims.

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7 minutes ago, autobanned said:

breast slider mod by cmar.

sometimes its gone by relaunching the game, enter then exit cas, or entering another lot

if the problem still exist, then remove localthumbcache.package in sims4 folder

Thanks for reply. I Think I have to live with this error until the slider mod is updated.

And yes ,entering and leaving cas solved it always. I had just the hope it would be a mod which I would not miss if I delete it.

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When it happens in game mode, there's some tricks to solve it without removing the slider.


- dezoom at max range in game and rezoom, it don't solve the issue at each try but it works sometimes for me.

- take a shower / go in bed (sleep) or change outfits works sometimes too.

- leave game mode to CAS an come back to game mod.


When it happens in CAS, just have to change breasts separations setup (not easy to do coz hitbox is also totaly destroyed. XD

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