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is this game only for Japan area?

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48 minutes ago, IniestaLL said:

Damm, even if I  used vps in Miami , I was still refused to visit 。how it know my computer is overseas from Japan?



I don't know what to tell ya. All I did was follow the basic install guide after creating a DMM account and I've been playing ever since. 


The step-by-step guide I used is this one:



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On 12/25/2018 at 5:23 AM, Destiny91 said:
8 hours ago, crunchy128 said:


needs an update. they've made a few changes over the years. i tried to wing it and managed to at least get the download. hopefully after the download is finished i'll still be able to figure out the rest. link was still very helpful and thanks for sharing.


and before someone else wastes their time on this, check to see if there is a english version on steam. i'm currently looking for it with no luck however.

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