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Contraptions/manufacturing request

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Not sure if this has been done yet.  If so, I have yet to find it. 


A simple request: You can recycle junk into steel, gears, screws and springs, right?  But what happens when you have five thousand steel sitting in storage (and you do) yet have managed to run out of gears, screws or springs?  You're stuck.


Why not make a machine that can convert all that excess steel into gears, screws and springs?  Seems pretty obvious, right?  I mean, that's what they're made out of anyway - steel.  Not sure why Bethesda never figured that out, so I guess it's up to the modders (note: I'm not a modder, hence this post).


So... new machine: Tool Maker.  Can convert steel into gears, screws or springs (pick with computer).  If you add wood you can make hammers.  Add plastic and you can screwdrivers, or add gears and make wrenches - all good for trading with Vault-81, if nothing else.


Like I said, maybe this has already been done, and if so please send me a link to it.  :D

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