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So I removed the vast majority of my mods, yet still, at varying points in my game (often after sex, but one time it happened when trying to walk into a bar from a thunderstorm), my sims are stuck idling and won't do anything. Even when I reset them (both with resetsim and the testingcheats pie menu option), they're still stuck. None of the mods I have have ever caused me problems before. I'm not getting any exceptions from this issue or I would attach the lastException file. I plan to test with all mods gone except MasterController, WickedWhims, BasementalDrugs, and WickedPerversions, but I'm not expecting any better of results. My game version is I don't want to remove it and play a SFW game, but I'm about to the point where I'll have to cut my losses with WickedWhims and remove it. Thanks for the help.. and if theres anything else I should attach or specify, please let me know, I'm new to this..

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