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any mods to disable embarrassment from nudity?


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im just trying to pose my sims in animations i made but its impossible because theyre nude and as soon as that happens they just snap out of their animation and they end up in an infinite loop of getting embarrassed of eachother. i tried several mods already and none really worked. does anyone know or use a mod that disables these moods or reactions altogether so you can pose the sims in peace without having them constantly do some shit to abort or interrupt your animations? turning off autonomy didnt work either.

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17 minutes ago, Chexx said:

There's a reward trait to counter that emotion.


Use command to equip the trait, do your stuff and use command to unequip the trait. Enjoy.


Trait is : Shameless.

that kinda worked i mean theyre not ashamed anymore only now one of the two just wont play the animation at all or shell play it for like a split second and then snap back into an idle animation like taking a selfie or looking around. *sigh* this game lol. but thanks a lot for the super quick reply!

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