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You know how it feels to have your sleep suddenly interrupted, your body is fighting off some bullshit and you said to yourself before you went to bed "I should probably get some sleep early today to constitute my strength". I was tempted to throw a tantrum on how much I hate people, I hate couples on whatsapp but then I said "that's some gay-ass shit". Convinced myself out of doing it there but I am going to do it here instead because I am just that pissed off right now. Probably something I inherited from my father. Thanks, old man.


It's 2 am in the morning. I'm staying at a student dorm. There are rooms for four, rooms for three, two and single rooms (not totally sure about the last one). I've been staying in a room for four since the second week of October. Today is December 22nd. I got woken up by creepy sounds by my roommate was making. I couldn't make it out at first. You know how it is, right? Something woke you up, you need a moment to collect yourself a little. I noticed it was the roommate making the noise. I said to myself it's no big deal. He'll shut up soon and I will go back to bed. But then I made out two sentences that he was saying "Why do you look so good in that purple T-shirt? You are so pretty." I flew into a rage. I didn't feel my sore throat (most of it had gone away, anyway). All I felt was unbridled rage and hatred. I jumped out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to get away from it. Whatever that shit was.


So a bit of background about me. I have been having lots of trouble with couples in the last five years or so. One of my roommates was a jealous person, who would get upset with his girlfriend because she wouldn't notice the men in her vicinity and would immediately throw a fit to his girlfriend. I, of course being a no life gamer/weeb who never leaves the room, would be privy to their bullshit. Fast forward two years, I had another roommate. This one would often bring his girlfriend to our room. For the most, I'm cool with it. I don't care much. I have my computer. There is internet. I think, I was watching Gopher playing Witcher a lot at the time. Sometimes he would ask me if I could leave the room for a bit. Alright, I don't want to be unamenable. I could use a bit of stretching my legs away (if they don't fall apart from negligence immediately). But, there is always a but, I had the same sort of couple drama bullshit I had to experience before. I succinctly remember one instance where he punched a wardrobe saying some shit about if he had hit her like that. There was not any damage on the wardrobe, as I recall. Or the girl, for that matter. The second one was what really irritated me. So they would sometimes sleep together in that room. Once again, I don't really care too much. But that night, I wished I did. I wished I was one of those religious lunatics, should've said she should be in a burka and unmarried couples can't sleep together in the same room. In the middle of the night, I was woken up by sounds of kissing. Smooch smooch smooch, smoochsmooch. Based on the sounds, the lack of continuity and how broken up those sounds were, it was entirely one sided. They weren't making out or anything. It was just either of them, I still to this day don't care to find out which one it was, constantly landing kisses. No moaning or anything, just kisses. If you wanna fuck, just do it, you cunts. Don't subject me to your fucking smooch sesh. Clearly you have a lot of sexual frustration built up. And I get it, we are college students. Lots of pressure. You need me to leave the room? Just tell me and get this shit out of your system. Fuck! It got to a point that year that by the end of the semester, I would only go back to the room to sleep. I set my toaster up in the study room, the reception room and later on in the kitchen. Anything to have a peace of mind. At the end of that semester, he got kicked out of Student Residential Area and I was asked to sign a paper saying I won't make anymore trouble or something. I don't remember what that piece of shit paper was.


Fast forward four years later and here we are. My hatred has gone nowhere just this year alone I had at least two almost autistic meltdowns fighting myself, screaming on the inside. Some of you might say, you need a girlfriend. Let me stop you there and say fuck you. I don't need a girlfriend. I want. A boyfriend, someone I can wrestle. Not that I am a wrestler. But I get very tense sometimes and I am very temperamental, very aggressive. Thanks again, pops. Someone who can tussle with me and he won't hold back. Neither will I. Maybe sucking each other off afterwards who knows. Anyway, this is all I had in my mind. I get the feeling you can appreciate my quirks better than some faggots on whatsapp. I feel a bit better now that I put my emotions to words. I hope this silly post of mine entertained you a bit. Thank you very much for reading this far.

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OK I just read it and what you feel for couples isnt hatred, youre simply tired of others people bullshit. Besides your obvious edgelord ways (not that its a problem, I think its amusing) you have a pretty good point, in those examples your roommates have been abnoxious and disrespectfull, look like you just want to be left alone and mind your own business but people mistake minding your own business with acceptance.


have you tryed talking to your roommates? Im not saying a nice talk Im saying going to it and imposingn yourself, educating the fucks on basic education and how you should act when sharing a home. They dont own it so you dont have to put with their shit, rambling here wont solve your problem facing them will.

Im mostlly a calm person but when I get pissed I blow up like a fucking nuke, its the time to take off the quiet roommate gloves and put im on his place.




Nice to meet another gopher fan, and if you ever want to talk about something or simply play something just PM me.

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