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Resident Evil Aftermath


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After browsing some old threads i found the Resident Evil mod thread and did some google research about the status of FuzeTek´s mod and found nothing new:( . BUT (ALL HAIL) goolge:P it showed me another project RE Aftermath

clicked the Link and what a suprise its RELEASED




god i downloading i right now but im so hyped and want to share this with the community



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This is a really massive overhaul mod.

someone cares to tell me what this mod adds? the blog doesn't talk much about what this actually does.


adds a door to Raccon City near your Home in Megatown BUT dont take that way!!!!! (not really playeble from starting ingame) like all Total Conversions start a new game and you wake up in a Hotel room from there where you create your character the scenaio takes place right after the infection of RC and you fight your way thru RE 1-3 helping Leon Claire Jill ect. with riddles and a anoying Nemesis even game original vids like the first encounter with the Licker are in that TC :)

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Claire is broken: http://i.imgur.com/wT0mv.jpg


Can't even get it open in GECK to find out what's wrong with it because it automatically selects all the master files and aborts. It unzips into a complete mess and I have no clue how to sort it out.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout 3 goty\Data\Meshes\Biohazard\Characters\Claire


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout 3 goty\Data\Textures\BioHazard\Characters\Claire


Is that where it's supposed to lead to?

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Looks uterly awesome, except at ths point a fair few of the file downloads are dead. Don't suppose someone would be willing to RAR the entire thing and upload it? :)


A torrent would be fun.


Edit: Scratch that, the dropbox links work, with no silly waits.

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why do you want ahh never mind. Dont try it more problems than its worth cause most of the monsters are custom made so sexus dosent even try to work.


This TC is far from complete you can call it a Fucking good Beta so i only use Lings and nothing else cause some mods like Zombie Acopalypse break the game


my LO is











Resident Evil Aftermath.esp


Lings Finer Things.esp



Total active plugins: 14

Total plugins: 77

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Well I already tried it and it didn't do anything. I was just making sure that was the case because I thought they needed tokens and flags or something but thought it's also possible it just wasn't in the right load order.


I can take the character I have now through and tie it into the story I was trying to make. Plus I get to keep all the outfits.

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