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Alt-Tab works different in SSE from Oldrim and FO4?

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I have SSE configured for borderless windowed mode. Sometimes when I try to Alt-Tab, when I click my mouse it brings me right back to SSE. When this happens, it seems to keep happening no matter how many times I Alt-Tab. Very frustrating having to fight it.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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14 hours ago, Zombified said:

I have had this issue. Normally when my game starts to load up, I send my cursor all the way to the top or bottom of the screen so when I ALT+Tab out, I just click and boom, done. However, I run on Windows 10 which is slightly easier.

Interesting... so the trick is the mouse reappears where it was before the game window takes focus?


Does this mean when you go back into the game, you keep your mouse on your second monitor and then alt-tab back into the game instead of clicking into the game?

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