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Combat sex with more interactivity?

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I'm looking for more dialog heavy version of Defeat I guess, and I was wondering if I've missed some gems or do these simply not exist currently.

I've been having fun with Defeat but I'm looking to have it have... more outcomes than just -get downed -raped and sent off to death alternative.


For one, I'd love some options on initiating bleedout sex- like you've sent to bleedout by Defeat but instead of the NPCs instantly raping you with set animation keywords, they'd gather around and taunt you and demand consensual suck, sex or solo "show" every few rounds and in exchange they'll let you walk out of the camp.

Now- I know this is sort of feature in Defeat if you surrender instead of going to bleedout, but I've fund the consensual animations only last for the first round after dialog and then goes strait back to rape animations regardless. And they only initiate dialog once, with no varying requests which I'd like to see.


Another one, I really hate fade-to-black screens after sex that teleport you to random locations or quests which is pretty much all death alternative does, and I'd like to know if there is a good mod to disable da, and simply remain non-hostile to aggressors after rape so PC could limp away on their own. There is a scene with a "struggle meter" (I'm not sure what mod that is) which after you can attempt escape but the timer is very unforgiving for my tastes, and makes it more of a daring escape than a degrading "we're done you can go now" kind of end result I'd like to see as a possible ending as well.


Combat sex is absolutely my favorite kind of sexlab mod and I'd love to find some good extensions like this to Defeat.

Unfortunately I'm all thumbs with CK or any kind of programming to add any kinky stuff like this in myself.

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