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Wicked Whims package installed but not working. HELP.

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So, I've recently started playing Sims 4. I've downloaded it off the internet and it's has all the updates except for the recent 'Get Famous' one. Moving on, I can't seem to get the 'Wicked' option during the game play. During the startup, it does show all the mods that have been downloaded so far. The penis mod is the one that seems to be working since on undressing the male Sim, it's visible (although not erect. Yet another problem I'm facing).

I can't seem to get where I've gone wrong. I've downloaded everything as asked and for the animations, I've extracted files using WinRAR.

(And yes, I've enabled scripts and custom content).

Please help me out.

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Just now, cenationxieran said:

was there a recent Sims 4 update? That could be the issue. I realized my wicked whims wasn't working either after some kind of Origin update. Its probably that since it was working fine prior.

There was this November update but I don't have it.

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I THINK I FIXED IT? Okay so I was having the same issue. Wickedwhims installed, everything is correct but like it wouldn’t pop up. Now if you’re like me you got your sims 4 from a website. Well the check version of your sims 4. Because while I thought I was still doing things wrong I wasn’t. I just didn’t have the right game version that supported wickedwhims. To see what game version you have go to file explorer, documents, electronic arts, sims 4 and in there should be a file that says Game Version: now open that and check to see if the version you have supports wicked whim because that was my mistake 

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