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Requesting-The Sims 4 Butt Slider Mod(Without glicthing models)


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Hello everyone.Do you have any butt ,breasts(optional,cuz i have one already) and hips slider mod, wich would not glitch with the Wicked Whims animations,when they were launched in the seasons version(1.44) at the armchair cowgirl animations and,at the teasing "Kissing-Couple Times"-my male sim would not glitch in my feminine sim while kissing,she standing on him?(see the video with the model error)


https://youtu.be/tja7X4BxyD8 here's the video



P.S I have downloaded with torrent the game,and installed the animations when they were launched in the versions for seasons!I would like not to glitch in the models or make some errors!And I don't want to adjust the hips, butt  and breast by minimal:"The bigger,the merrier" !

Thank you for the help!

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Just now, Chexx said:

Are you serious? 2 thread in a day to ask same thing?




1 minute ago, Chexx said:

Are you serious? 2 thread in a day to ask same thing?



Ignore the first post,i made a mistake in the first one.And if you want to make a constructive comment then share me a a link or something,don't fooly comment.

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