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Rain and the Sims dressed in inappropriate clothes


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Just noticed some Maxis created sims walking around in the rain near my house (Pier Palace  in Get Together World Space) and their outfits were all over the place (tights and Custom Content).


These outfits were NOT in their Wardrobe (outfits in their CAS).  I use a base save where I have gone through and Corrected all the issues with Random outfit generation (DoubleChecked after Get Famous) so I can't account for why they would be dressed like this (Its not their Cold weather outfit, currently in spring).  Nothing on the Calander for that day (no Dressed like a goddamn idiot day).


I have WW, Wicked Perversions, Basemental Drugs.   Some Cool1 and LittleMsSam mods and DarkSimister update of CandyDs Metobolism.  Rest mods are clothing, Hair and stuff.  


So I am at a loss as to why.


Any ideas? 


It's not game breaking, Just annoying.





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