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cannot adjust ENB brightness?


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I am aware that you can adjust ENB brightness by modifying these values. But somehow it just doesnt work in my current setup.




For example, if i set it to 5.0 through ingame enbseries.ini editor, click SAVE and then APPLY, the image becomes brighter (like it should) for like 0.3 second, but then it switches back. So it feels like something overwrites it. Even tho I see the value has changed and i can see those changes in the *.ini file itself.

Anyone has any idea what may cause this? ?


p.s. Im using "injector" version of this ENB https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58338

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For those who might experience same issue, I finally found the problem:

It is the weather settings that was overwriting it.

so. using notepad++ i replaced all the lines inside all of the files in:


 that contains



at once (120+ files! thank you, notepad++. I would have been dead if I had to do it manually) ?


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