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Game Crashing Continually

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Hey everyone,


I was playing last night like normal, doing my thing, when I started having some issues with OSex when I would try to pair up two NPC's, but when I tried to click "Start Scene" it would not start. I tried this multiple times with a variety of NPC's that did not work, then my game began to crash upon loading, or even when starting a new save. I have no idea if OSex caused this, because after I uninstalled, I still couldn't start a new game, CTD-ing on loading. I have not updated Skyrim SE since SKSE 2.0.8, because I would have to go through my vast mods list and figure out which ones need to be updated that rely on that particular verison of SKSE. I tried to use Vortex and LOOT to try and rearrange mod files as well as getting compatibility mods, but nothing seems to work. I want to avoid completely uninstalling all of my mods, but if it comes to that than I suppose I could do that. Would anyone here be able to tell me why my game might be crashing? My mods list on Modwatch:




Thanks for viewing this post, and have a nice day!

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