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[QUESTION] & [iDEA] about Wolverine Claws _animated

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Hi everyone :) 


i'm used to play with this mods https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46958/ , that add craftable wolverine claw as an armor piece, so if you are in unarmed combat stence, the claws are trigered, i realy love this one and use it as my main melee weapon.


but because i play with Devious device stuff and cursed loot, i get this idea : it would be verry cool to have thes claws permanently locked on my PC  like Devious Device stuff, cause after all i don't think wolverine is able to remove his own X) 


now wath i have in mind and want know if it's possible to make a pluging for having it working wirth Devious device ? 

- A way to having it locked like Devious device stuff

- If doing this can lead to conflict with devious cursed loot 

- If that can be a cool and lore friendly way to fight when your hands enclosed in mittens or gloves

- a way to disable it temporatly for avoid conflict with the brawling system ( when the claws pop out, they are force added and equiped as 2 melee  weapons ) 

- maybe add an enchantment for life regeneration ? 

- having a way to get hands free from DD's armbinders


it's would be realy cool for me to have permanent weapon locked on me, it's would be fun for some quests like Cinda's mine ? 

I'm not moder myself so if someone can do that  i will realy love it ? 



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