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you need SE versions of the requirements except deadly mutilation, for which you only need the sounds


Zaz Animation Pack SE ,


Sexlab Framework SE,

Deadly Mutilation by Lamer1000 and others http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34917 <<<< you don't need to enable deadlymutilation.esp, just copy the mod (sounds) into \data
SlaveTats SE


to go to the branding dungeon type in the console
coc xxbrandingdungeon




aaaaand this is where you become a lab rat since i only tested this 0.53 SE version in the branding dungeon.


to teleport the device to you type
set xxBDODTeleportToPC to 1
You need to be standing on even terrain


Example of how to use it in a mod: read their code related to bdod lol. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2338-slaverun-reloaded-10sep-2016/ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2928-shout-like-a-virgin/

only use the teleportable device in a mod


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    Zaz Animation Pack SE, SKSE SE, Sexlab Framework SE, Deadly Mutilation, SlaveTats SE
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11 hours ago, rennex said:

How do i add this into a castle I made? I tried to copy and paste the device from the coc test location it crashed my game. I was trying to figure how to add it via Creation Kit but I could not figure it out.

1 time use:

When you're in game in a castle enter in console

set xxBDODTeleportToPC to 1

and it will spawn the device in your castle next to your character



To add it in CK:


You place a marker in your castle (like xmarker or something that can be cast as ObjectReference).

Then you need a script.

Then you need to add an ObjectReference property to your script. (Close a bunch of windows in CK related to the script if you just created a script and reopen them - there was/is a CK bug that wouldn't let you fill properties in a new script). Now fill that ObjectReference with that xmarker from a pull down menu in your castle cell.


Then copy paste this into your script and call TPBDOD( reference from a cell in CK linked to your script property, adjust height relative to the floor... 15 is ok).

objectReference function TPBDOD(objectReference targetRef, float bdodadjheight)

ObjectReference stocks
Quest xbQ=Game.GetFormFromFile(0x001854, "BrandingDeviceOfDoom.esp") As Quest
objectReference bdodObjRef=(xbQ as xxbQuestScript).BdodInDungeonObjRef
(bdodObjRef as xxBrandingDeviceScript).MoveBDODFromDungeonToObjRef(targetRef, bdodadjheight) ;25.0
stocks=(bdodObjRef as xxBrandingDeviceScript).BDODGetTPStocksRef()
; debug.notification("stocks "+stocks)
return stocks

You can add that script to a lever or something and call the function from like OnActivate event.






For more info:

Read the example source code inside the mod... something like brandingexample.psc. It is slightly old so also read the source code from the linked mods(Shout like a virgin and Slaverun reloaded).

Copy paste the relevant functions that do the branding into your script. Read this page loverslab.com/topic/44572-branding-device-of-doom/?do=findComment&comment=1615281 (from post 102).


As you can see this is easy peasy as cake.


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How do i add this into a castle I made? I tried to copy and paste the device from the coc test location it crashed my game. I was trying to figure how to add it via Creation Kit but I could not figure it out.

Im Courious about your castle it seems like intresting. can you share me that mod ? ?

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  • 7 months later...

I have all the requirements mentioned installed and I can put my follower into the stocks (in the upper left corner of the monitor appears the text "putting in stocks...") But when I want to activate the device I can hit  "E" as much as I like... the dialogue menu does not pop up. Any idea as to the cause of this problem?

thank you for feedback.

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On 3/19/2022 at 11:46 AM, silverfox9260 said:

I got this too. Anyone know what the fix is?

I finally understood why it wasn't working : the problem was coming from SlaveTats, because every time you add or remove a SlaveTats pack, you need to click on a "add/remove tattoos" button in the settings tab of SlaveTats.

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  • 9 months later...

I'm messing around with navmeshes and found on MarakathOrigin:

1: The original navmesh has been removed and replaced, what I read could cause CTD, I know that MME bombs and Prison Overhaul Patch edit that same navmesh, if any other mod overwrites this navmesh it can cause you to have 2 navmeshes on the same map .

2 : The navmesh around the device is a mess.


I have edited my file to fix it, if you want it to save you time I can upload it.

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So I've downloaded Deadly Mutilation for the sounds prereqs. There are two folders of sounds:

  • Sound\FX\Effects
  • Sound\FX\Screams

I'm not 100% clear what to do with those sounds. Do I


1. Put the Effects and Scream folders into BrandingDeviceOfDoom\Sound\FX?


2. Move the Sound folder from (DM) into Skyrim Special Edition\Data (that's what I understand the instructions to be)?


3. Something else?

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  • 9 months later...

[ (FE0E3850)].xxbrandingdevicescript.OnUpdate() - "xxBrandingDeviceScript.psc" Line 892
[04/08/2024 - 01:37:39PM] ERROR: Cannot call GetValue() on a None object, aborting function call
I'm getting this alot in my papyrus report 


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Does this work with maximum destruction/maximum carnage instead of deadly mutilation?

They are sort of the successor of deadly mutilation for SE (Since I think DM was never ported to SSE)

Edited by myrrdhin
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