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The Noiral -- Custom Race Mod


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Just showing off my custom race mod: The Noiral






The Noiral were a small tribe of Nords who followed teachings laid out in an ancient manuscript written by Thadgeir the Tattooed Man, who was supposedly a hero of the Atmoran Civil war, and one of Ysgramor's five hundred companions. This manuscript and the secrets held within were handed down from Thadgeir to his son Yngvar, who was the founder of the Noiral. Upon learning these secrets, and mastering the rituals held within Thadgeir's book, Yngvar shared the secrets with a select few, who then sequestered themselves in the wilds of Skyrim, away from prying eyes to keep these secrets from the hands of those who would abuse the power. This tribe has survived in Skyrim, passing their secrets down from generation to generation, and has largely remained out of the affairs of Skyrim...that is until the Thalmor incursion.


On their crusade to stamp out Talos worship, the Thalmor discovered the Noiral's village deep in the wilds of Skyrim. Though the Noiral wielded great power, the Thalmor numbers were too great, and the Noiral tribe was decimated, and the village was burned to cinders and ashes. The few surviving Noiral are now scattered throughout Skyrim...


Thadgeir's Teachings:


Thadgeir's manuscript talked of Thadgeir's early journeys and travels to strange and unknown lands. It was in these journeys that he learned of strange rituals and rites, and that he branded his body with mystic symbols (earning him the moniker of "the Tattooed Man"). These symbols are said to bind primordial nature spirits to ones very being, and allow the branded to draw upon this spirit, granting them various powers and abilities.






The Noiral can manifest a portion of their power and create a fiery wolf for short periods of time to aid them in their journeys. This primal avatar gains in power as the Noiral gains in levels.




The Noiral can enhance their senses by infusing themselves with primal energies, allowing them to see in the dark, and locate nearby friends and foes.




By drawing on the power of their nature spirit through their runes, the Noiral become highly resistant to elemental attacks and poisons for short periods of time, as well as gaining back a small portion of their health and stamina.




When fully unleashing the power of their nature spirits, the Noiral become nearly invincible engines of destruction. This grants the Noiral bonus resistances, regeneration, and fortifies their attacks (one handed, two handed, and destruction).




The Primal Spells are an optional download and an attempt to add a small bit of lore for the Noiral to the game. So, for those RP purists, only download and use with the Noiral race. For those just looking for some new spells for whatever you are playing...well, I can't really stop you from downloading and using them, now can I?


These tomes were taken from the Noiral ruins after the Thalmor attack, and of the six, only four have remained in Thalmor hands. Two were given to an Imperial torturer, as a gift (he had some skill in the arcane arts and he thought he could crack the secrets of the Noiral) for "convincing" a captive Noiral prisoner to share the location of the Noiral village.






And yes, there are male Noiral:



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Nice work' date=' it looks amazing. Before I download, on the nexus you have a UNPB version, is this also compatible with UNPB-BBP?



To be 100% honest, I have yet to try anything dealing with the BBP stuff with the race. In theory, at least for the meshes and skeleton, you can use a BSA unpacker (like BSAOpt), unpack the files and add in the meshes from the UNPB-BBP stuff to the Noiral race folder in the meshes folders. The race animations read off of the general animations, so theoretically, as long as those are installed in the proper animations folder, it should work. (The process sounds far more complicated than it actually is.)


Now, you should not run into any graphical errors, but the meshes I use are customized somewhat, so there is always a chance. I cannot promise it will be anytime soon (maybe in a week or so), but I can look into a BBP option.

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