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Recommendations? Not sure where to start!


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I played Sims 4 a bit on a different computer, but haven't installed it on this one yet. I've got the Get to Work expansion, but I probably won't reinstall that.

I'd love for the game to be more challenging economically. Are there any mods for that? It would be great if there was a mod that increased the price of bed, stoves, etc.. in such a way that you're forced to start out with the cheap stuff, and have to shell out thousands for the slightly better stuff, then 10's of thousands for the next, and so on. Probably nothing like that, but if anyone knows of a mod like that...

Moving on to the adult mods stuff. I was browsing through the wicked whims page and there's a ton of optional animations, not to mention the several other options for nude meshes and such.
I don't know where to start! Does anyone have a good list of Sims 4 adult mods that they like to use? I know I'll need wicked whims for starters, but I don't know which ones to pick after that. Are there any severe incompatibilities?

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The Wicked Whims post has a good list of things you should download on it. Certain mods clash with others, usually the author is kind enough to mention that in their description. So as long as you read everything, you should be fine.



For example, Sopor's Allure Breasts can be combined with the slider from Heliotropic Heavy Boobs, and it says so right on the Allure Breasts description. They point out that you can delete most of the stuff from Heavy Boobs and just keep the slider, mentioning the file by name so it's easy to use.



Browse through here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/161-the-sims-4/ 

Look for stuff you think looks fun/interesting. You can also click the Wicked Whims section on the right for more sex related stuff. What I just linked is mostly clothes, other people's sims, paintings, and stuff like that.





An extra tip: You can create separate folders for everything you download as long as it's all still in your mods folder. There are exceptions, though. I had problems with MCCC in the past. I tried putting it in it's own folder and it wouldn't work. I don't know if it still does that, but ever since I had that problem I just left it in the mods folder.


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