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How exactly would I make this default?


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I was looking through my Skyrim folder for some reason just now and I found some of my old screenshots. This one stood out to me:




I do not remember why I took it, but I am now wondering how I would permanently add a blood decal (not necessarily the Skyrim one) to the body texture since I think it would be cool.


Any ideas?

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If you find the body texture file and the blood texture file you want to use on it. Bring them here and I can do it for you.


I might even go make some of these for Oblivion and Skyrim :)


I do know where the body textures are but am not sure where the blood is located (I think it might be a mod). Then again this is the result of an entire dungeon and it's possible that the blood textures are just red pixels that get added randomly...I might be better off just finding complete images if this is the case.


Regardless, you should totally make some of these for Oblivion and Skyrim.

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OK, it turns out that they are not random, and I know where the blood textures are now. Right now I'm just trying to find out what combination of them had applied at the time (there are like 30 or so textures) but I could upload the archived folder if you could do it faster.


Edit: Actually most of them have these odd backgrounds so I'll probably be spending more time on figuring out how the game adds them properly.

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Can you put where the blood textures are?


Mine is just in Data/textures/blood lol, but I think it might be a mod as I said. I know I have Crimson Tide installed but I think it is some other mod. Still trying to find what it is exactly..


Nevermind, it is Crimson Tide.

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