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Crash while saving...


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Did you have any item from this mod in your inventory when you deactivated the mod?

Be it an equipped clothing item found in DC, a bottle of 'Pelforth' or one of the weapons, any trace of 'Duke City' left makes the game crash. That's what its creator says in the comment section over there. I'll never deactivate it again, I have some plans with this mod...


To safely get rid of the mod you must first cleanse your inventory from any (non-vanilla Oblivion) item obtained in 'Duke City' and save. Deactivate it then and make a clean save. That should work.

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Good to hear you found the source of the problem. I totally forgot about that key... Wonder why you could give it away though?


In my game it was a quest object for reasons unknown and I couldn't drop it. Unchecking its 'Quest Item' box in the CS made it droppable.


Then I just put the thing into a chest and never cared about it again. But if somebody else is having the same problem - there is a faster way of getting rid of the key's quest item status: The console code SetQuestObject xx02840b 0 (replace xx with Duke City's position in your load order).

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Ah, I see. For a moment I was confused if I might have missed an updated version with some fixes.


Have you ever seen the WIP shots I had posted here? These are just a few of the characters I changed, and I have added some more. Ultimately none of the original NPCs will be left. Maybe I'll turn Chuck Norris into Jackie Chan (somebody I consider much more badass).


The mod will be expanded upon and transformed to something else. An assortment of many cute porn shooting locations, a 'sexy school' and - thanks to the input from a valuable friend - a church full of horny nuns! Every allusion to 'Duke Nukem' will also be purged, getting rid of the copyright-infringing material which is littering the whole mod.

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At the moment the mod depends on MBP and XEO, I should probably make (unplayable) copies of the races used and get rid of these two dependencies. I forgot to mention I also have exchanged all the clothing and armor items! The stuff these characters are wearing on the pictures are their individual outfits.


Will take a while until it's finished though due to its massive size, and it's only one of several projects I'm working on at the same time.

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