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AoW adult Mod


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I installed one of my favorite games (rather old one though).

And remembered that i had an adult Mod to the game.

Looked and searched for it on several sites now.

But still can't seem to find it.


So i'll try asking here, and hope someone do know of it.


It's quite some time since i played it though.

So it's a bit fuzzy.


But it's a Mod to the game:

AoW/Age of Wonders (first game)


i do remember that the one who made the Mod is from germany.

The mod is in english however.

No sex, only a new playable race, some new skills and creatures.

Also a few new hero units, and some nudity.


don't really remember more than that..


Maybe not much to go on.. i know..

But i feel i must ask anyway.



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