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PK Extender Unending Sex

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I'm pretty sure everything is installed properly with the proper versions, and when I can't outlast my partner, or during rape, everything seems to work fine. However, if my partner runs out of SP before I do (and only during consentual sex); I get the notice to "Wait", while the sex continues. Apparently either forever, or until I end it with progression. If I end it, however, my SP stays where it was, and I'm still told to "Wait". A workaround is to save, close the game entirely, disable the plugin, open the game, save, close the game, re-enable the plugin, and then re-open the game. While I don't seem to lose any progress, this is quite a bit of hoops to jump through; especially if the only problem is that I'm doing one tiny thing wrong.


Does anyone know of any conflicts, or anything else that might be causing this?

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