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ENB Filter for oblivion ?


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There are many ENB filters are works very spectacularly for both Sexy beach.3 and Fallout.3. it turns the game display into epic movie-esque visualization.


I wonder if anyone have a good suggestion for oblivion?


The current ENB filters available on nexus is kinda disappointing. Tried all three of them - None hit the spot. :( Bit unbalanced for my liking.

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That's the original one. It's nowhere near as good as what we're aiming for.


More like this:






He said on hongfire he was a fan of lovers and would release one specifically focused on the bodies looking better but it never happend. He had a couple of preview screens. Guess it could've been a fake person.

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Two files, 'enbseries' and 'd3d9.dll', must be in the 'Oblivion' folder. Switch it on in-game with Shift + F12.


There might be some ENB shader settings overriding your OBGE settings. The settings can be configured in the 'enbseries' ini (one of those two files above). Read Sizustar's excellent thread about OBGE: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=2237


Lots of valuable info there, also on topics like possible compatibility issues between ENB and OBGE.

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