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I'm creating a mod for Lovers in Oblivion and I'm looking to have an NPC go to their bedroom after a conversation.


Since this is part of a quest I tied it to the quest stages (In this case 30). I've created an AI package and put it at the top of the list.


When the conversation finishes I set the quest stage and then run NPCRef.evp but nothing happens.


If I target the NPC in the console and run evp everything works fine. Does anyone know why this might be? Or perhaps has a better scripting method for forcing a re-evaluation of AI packages after a conversation?



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Guest ThatOne

Try adding a quest variable. The normal package should include that the variable must not be set to, for example, 9, while the "go to bedroom" requires just that.


If that doesn't work, move the evp to the result dialog script.

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The evp is already in the Result Dialogue, is there somewhere else it should be too?


This is the script


SetCellPublicFlag ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasUpstairs 1

SetCellPublicFlag ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasNewMerchandise 1


SetStage aaExJensine 30



The AI package kicks off when the quest stage is == to 30. As I said before if I just click on the NPC and run evp, it works.


I tried adding a global and setting it as the condition for the AI package, however I got the same thing. The NPC didn't move, but if I targetted in the console and typed evp, it worked.

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Guest ThatOne

I suppose that the standard package has a check for aaExJensine != 30?


I've no idea what could be causing this. I'm using a quest variable in all my mods and it always works, but your script seems fine.

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No, they don't. But do they really need it? I plan on expanding out to quite a few more NPCs and I'm looking to make as few changes as possible.


The problem seems to be that I can't trigger a re-evaluation of the AI package in the NPC after the conversation.


I've heard that adding the package in the script will immediately execute it, would anyone suggest that?

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