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[SOLVED] CTD After opening "Bethesda" logo display... :(

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:idea: I am at the end of a new S.T.E.P. install (...oog...), and my Skyrim has started CTD'ing right after the initial fade-in, fade-out "Bethesda" logo animation plays. I cannot get to the opening menu at all - the game just crashes.


Load Order:






UPDATE: If I de-activate all .esm/.esp's in the "Plugins" list apart from Skyrim & Update, the problem ceases.

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most of crashes like these are causing by missing STRINGS files.


*I will definitely be on the lookout for this in my future trouble-shooting! Thanks! :)


har har :cool:


No - it's true! I had another problem crop up after this in relation to subtitles. Dumping & re-validating the strings was one of the first things I tried. :)


EDIT: Something just occurred to me - Sbire' date=' do you know much about Caliente's TexBlend? I'm having trouble with mine & can't get it working - I could really use some help! Here's the thread - [/s']http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=12947


Solved it. Game .INI's were still buggered. Botching my install earlier (attempt 2 of 3 in the last 4 days...) has *REALLY* cost me... :s

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