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Introduction of Gender & Sexual Orientation Confusion

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I'm not sure if these are related; they erupted at very different points in time. They could be caused by screwed-up flags in different files, or could both be rooted in the toons becoming confused about what gender they are supposed to be in the base mod. I lack even the technical knowledge to make an informed guess.


I would guess that the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the game would be populated with the same percentage of homosexual/transgender individuals as the real world. Since the latest study has determined that to be 4%, I set the sexual orientation of males in the game to "straight." I noticed fairly early on, however, that males were just as comfortable banging each other as females-- and not out of desperation, since females were present. I let it slide, since it's just a game, populated by toons. It is, nonetheless, behavior which I believe is inconsistent with the way the mod is intended to work.


Much later in the game, however, female toons began stroking imaginary penises while masturbating. Eventually, that became the one and only option that my toon chose.


I tried simply reactivating all of the mods, and replacing those that couldn't be installed by FOMOD. That couldn't fix the problem, so it occurred to me that whatever the source of the trouble was needed to be installed from a clean save.


Which file(s) store the sexual orientations of the characters, and the masturbation methods they use? Since there isn't any way to uninstall one part of Sexout without causing a CTD, there doesn't appear to be any way to make a clean save without uninstalling everything, thus losing all progress in mods and perks earned, which I'd rather avoid. Is there any way to store those things and restore them after a clean install? Is there any way that a clean install could be avoided, altogether? Are random corruptions commonplace annoyances which everyone just accepts, or are they signs that my base game could be corrupted, and I need to start over from scratch?


If anyone with technical knowledge of this stuff could advise me, I'd really appreciate it.

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