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Rosario + vampire transformation


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This is a request to replace the female vampire transformation. Recently, I have been watching rosario + vampire transformation on netfix, and I have been quite impressed with the vampire transformation in the show. One of the main characters, moka akashiya is a vampire. She wears a rosary around her neck that seals her powers. When the rosary is removed, moka transforms into a more powerful vampire form. Her hair turns silver. Her eyes turn red. Her breasts and butt become larger. Bats come in and stick too her like a cocoon, and they peel off revealing this new form. The true power of an S class super monster is truly overwhelming and unmatched.


Here is a video of the transformation from the show.



Here are some pis of moka.






























It would be really cool if someone could do this. I know that there are mods out there could be combined like the vampire eyes from the eyes of beauty which are the red eyes. Extended slider colors could be used to give her the silver hair. Maybe someone an adjust the weight slider to give a larger breast and butt. It would be cool the wear the rosary, and when you unequip it, it will trigger the vampire transformation. I know there are a lot of cross necklaces out there. It would also be cool if someone could do something with the bats, make them swarm around her or stick to her while she is actually transforming. It would be cool to have moka, but I would even be happy to have my character do this transformation and have the silver hair, red vampire eyes and larger breast and butt. Please leave your ideas, comments and progress. Thanks

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Yeah, that'd be cool.

some sort of spell or power or shout that lets you transform.

Would be nice to be able to "set" the transformation. like 2 times doing the character creation. first your game playing character, the usual one. then the transformation one.


The silver color isn't hard to do. but is there already a long hair one out? like in oblivions REN hairs? they had some really long straight hairs.

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Ren's hair is a great idea. The Ren hair from this pic will work, but I have no idea where to download it to provide a link.




The rosary necklace could be used by sinblood's ravenous elegance port. The necklace is very similar to what I'm looking for.






These vampire eyes from Vampire Eyes Retex Pack Underworld Included could work.






I was looking more into the bats, and I found this. It looks cool, and maybe one of you can make it work.






Here is a video to go along with the pic.



These are just some ideas. Hope it gets us too a good start.

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Moka transforms from a suppressed vampire into a super vampire.I like the subtitles when you transform. When she transforms, it says with the rosary removed Moka's true blood is set free and her inner vampire is unleashed. That is pretty cool. The animation and original sound effects are included. Moka also says random comments.












This morrowind mod is really cool, and I can't wait for someone to convert it to skyrim, so I can unleash my inner vampire. Here is the link again.




Leave a comment on here if you are working on this, or if you think this is really cool. thanks

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