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request a hair


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Hi. I want to request a hair from my favourite anime artist, Tony Taka. you can make it as a new standalone/replacer hair. if you already see this hair made somewhere, or something similar, please lead me there. thanks. :)





(1) I used Apachii Sky hair mod. found a similar one, but the back hair is tied. i want it not-tied. and the front part of the hair slanted the other way


(2) Beware! Image linked may cause excessive droll. Click the image to view full size, which is mega-huge.


(3) The img shows 2 strands of hair being blown. you don't have to do that.


(4) Link contains adult materials. Make sure parents, guardians etc are away while viewing.


(5) I can't attach the image, it said too big, so I linked it instead.

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Totally forgot that this existed. it's similar, so i guess i'll use it for now. but if anyone wanted to go and create the exact same hair as the one I posted, it will be deeply appreciated, it will enlighten me, and I will levitate. :)


By the way, does anyone know what hair mod is used here? it is not stated in the original karliah armor on Nexus. I'll post it in "what mod is this" as well.


sorry again i have to link these.



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