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Body mod question


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Firstly, I apologise for asking a question that has no doubt been answered many time, it's just that there are quite a few things that I don't understand so please do bear with me. I understand that there are female body mods out there, the ones I'm aware of are Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition and CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod. One supports BBP, which I'm guessing is bouncing breast? I've skimmed over the former and it mentions that in order to have BBP for that one, I should install the latter body mod along with "The skeleton of female models by Ning".


I'm just confused over mods, especially with this "slider" thing that's mentioned in Calientes. I kinda like CBBE so I want to go with that with BBP, although if not possible, I'll go with the other. Now, I just want to make sure I install this right;


1) Install CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod

2) Install The skeleton of female models by Ning

3) Then install CBBE

4) Install CBBEv3M Body Repalacer by MAK


Then install the body-slide? (Can someone please explain what this does).


Additionally, I also like to see what other people have, and again, I do apologise if this has already been answered.


Thank you

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Basically the bodyslider is a tool made by caliente to easily make yourself your variant of the cbbe body, it has already many presets+ sliders to adjust the waist size and so on.


For the install you should see it like this : you need a texture for the body that is compatible with it (unp, cbbe)

a mesh for the body, the shape, -> Cbbe, CHsbhc,..... and some have bouncing variant, pick one

For the body to bounce (insert lulz here) you need a skeleton that has the "articulation" to do it and the animation, if you have a bounce-able body but no animation used by the char does it's kinda useless.


So start by choosing your body : Cbbe (pick one or make it) or CHSBHC that are different bodyshape.

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Here is the link to the bodyslide. What is does is to let you set sizes, bigger or smaller for the female models. Bigger chest. Smaller waist. Wider hips. Smaller rump. Thicker legs. All sorts of possible curves suited to your taste.


When I installed it this was the first time I had to look directly in my Skyrim\Data folder. The installation is surprisingly simple considering how powerful the Bodyslide tool is.

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