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How to Hearthfire uninstall ??


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if i uninstall DLC' date=' savefile is safe?



no... you have to check HearthFires.bsa with a prog like bsaOpt.

unpack the scripts folder and put him to your data folder.


now you can delete HearthFires.esp and HearthFires.bsa.

but beware; if you want to use HearthFires later, again. remember these scripts from bsa. they could become outdated if a HearthFires update would be released.

with the esp and bsa you can simply remove these files from scripts folöer.


removing esp and bsa again.... you know the procedure :)

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From what I can see the Hearthfire DLC is similar to the mods anyone can create and upload to the Internet with the exception of it being an esm along with the bsa file. So then the uninstall procedures are similar to the common mods despite it being called a "DLC". If so, then you have to first cleansave you're savefile with the following list checked when you uninstall the mod.

- You cannot be in the cell(interior) of the mod.

- You have to be in a different cell unrelated to the mod(the smaller the cell the better).

- You have to make a separate savefile(For foobar moments).


(WARNING! Be aware that when you uninstall the mod, all you're efforts related to the DLC is gone and the items located in the cell created by the DLC disappears. Be sure to leave nothing important inside(e.g. Daedric Artifact) from the vanilla Skyrim.)


After you've created the savefile, you'll have to quit the game in order to remove Hearthfire completely from whatever mod manager you use.


When you Re-open Skyrim and select the latest savefile there should be a menu like "THE MODS INCLUDED IN THIS SAVE IS NOT READABLE HURR DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING OR MEET UP A FABULOUS CTD HURRR?" Ignore the menu and select "YES". The game should not CTD or freeze and will load up the cell you were in. Now save again, replace or create a new savefile is you're choice.


But now you have a cleansave! Congratulations!



If I'm not mistaking...


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