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Spice and Wolf VR

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Well, this is quite a surprise. We're getting Spice and Wolf VR that it shall be interesting to see Holo properly in 3D thanks to 'Spicy Tails' coming in 2019:






I'm however expecting it to be highly linear similar to Project Lux that I at the very least hope they'll look into some semi-gimmick style free-roamy to properly explore the scenery. That, or at the very least being able to see Holo riled up from poking her ears & tail to the point where she'll protect her tail or even show her fangs in protest. Not +18, just a teaseful fun gimmick. There needs to be "some" range of freedom to make it "special" and different from Project Lux. Shall purchase it when it releases either way because it's Spice and Wolf. 


If you don't have VR you'll be able to watch a "movie" version.



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