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Animation Pack 6-23-14 removed

About This File

File Name: Animation Pack 5-27-14 UPDATE

File Submitter: emilio

File Submitted: 19 Apr 2014

File Category: Animation

Requires: PCEA, FNIS




Here's a compilation of animations for use with PCEA and FNIS. I've looked at nearly every animation mod released and drew from the best to make this. It includes some animations you've probably seen before, and others that should be completely new (see new strafing run left/right animations, and completely new 2-handed animation).

I removed the attack animations responsible for causing actors to attack multiple times in one swing, but it still may be a tiny bit buggy. You can further reduce this by downloading a mod that slows combat speed (I know Ultimate Combat does this)


Remember to run FNIS before starting and to tick all boxes excluding 'xp32 1hm' and 'mounted combat'.



- Bow animations for NPC's changed from preivious (I think?)

- changed NPC* male and female run, sprint, & jump again

- removed 1h power attack animations.

- martial art attacks for custom race male & female

- redid the female 2h animations

- redid female sneak animations

- removed red3113's idle for custom race PC, (it causes clipping on my char, you can reinstall it if you want)

- ...and spent the whole afternoon doing some quality assurance to make sure every thing works as best that it can. double attacks might still occur but should be very rare,



-Changed npc female run & sprint

-removed animations which caused custom race female to attack multiple times with one swing.


would be better to just remove entire animation folder (or backup), before installing.




5-27-14 NEW UPDATE


Okay, no more funny business. I've play tested and tweaked this new version animations for hours and am pretty sure this is stable and has minimal bugs.


I've learned that redirecting the animation path by way of FNIS or PCEA invites the possibility for buggy behavior. For example, you might encounter NPCs and PCs T posing/scarecrow-ing while trying to perform those loose animations in the female, male, or PCEA folder whenever the game is loading up new cells, meshes, papyrus stuff or whatever. Not to mention, the multiple-attack-in-one-swing bug that occurs with PCEA left me not even touching custom attack animations for awhile.


Solution to all this: You've never noticed the default animations in the Skyrim - Animations.bsa skipping have you?! It's possible to pack/replace as many custom animations as you can in the Skyrim - Animations.bsa, have the game load from that, and use the FNIS female, male, and PCEA folders for those animations that absolutely need to be different.




-1 handed, 2 handed, magic, staff and respective attack/cast animations

- male and female and PCs idle, run, walk, jump, sprint

- Some misc animations.



Step-by-step Install Guide


tl;dr any *loose animations remaining in the animations folder are going to override the ones coming from the BSA, so it's going to be necessary to delete, or move/backup those animations to make room for this mod.


*5-28-14 This all may not be necessary when using Mod Organizer. see post

To get the full extent of what this mod provides:

1. Install FNIS

2. Install PCEA

3. Backup Skyrim - Animations.bsa and delete the original. Or if you trust NMM, or MO, to handle backup, this may not be necessary.

3. Navigate to meshes/actors/character/animations folder

4. Delete/move/backup PCEA, female, and male folders.

5. delete/move/backup any loose animations remaining in the animations folder

6. Install this mod.

7. Run FNIS for Users. Tick boxes




8. Check them out in game. Take note of the animations you don't like. As most of the animations are in the BSA, you can piece-wise replace* them by simply dropping new animations in their respective path in the animations folder then re-running FNIS. Or if you're really feeling like getting your hands dirty (actually really not that hard), unpack my Skyrim - animations.BSA with a tool like BSAopt to your desktop, modify the folder to your desire, then *repack the folder as a BSA with the Archive.exe tool in your skyrim folder that comes with Creation Kit (I think?)


*5-28-14 Not necessarily true when using Mod Organizer. BSAopt can also be used to repack meshes. see post



-Unarmed Warfare - WarriorKeke

-Pretty Combat Idles

-Shaydow's animation pack

-All of Xp32's work

-Yukl for the YYAnimation Series

-The modder who did Elegant Archers

-Bergzore's Immersive Animations

-Red3113's Idle Animation

-...And everyone who has ever submitted an animation mod to the nexus.


There are too many here to really credit. I've scoured all of the Nexus, and even foreign sites like 3DM (thanks google translate chrome extension) to find these animations. If you think your name should be mentioned in this list, let me know. OR, if you don't like that I've uploaded this pack with your animation, let me know about that too and I'll wholesale take this file down, no argument, no questions asked.




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