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Private Needs Discreet
~ VERSION 1.9.1 ~


Player urination, defecation and bathing whenever you decide. NPCs may have needs too.
Use the MCM menu to enable hotkeys and adjust features.
Excrement is being cleaned up by an invisible janitor fairy. '-'_@_


SKSE v1.7.1 or newer
FNIS v5.1 or newer - you must run FNIS generator after installing
PapyrusUtil v2.8 or newer


Installation / Compatibility
SOS, SOS Light and SAM are supported. Not required.
Included skeleton is modified XMPS32 and not required. Choose your preferred skeleton first.


Bathing in Skyrim:
Beta support for using bathing spell from v1.04.
If you see a message "not enough water", or get cleanlyness effects, they come that mod.


KuNeruNomu bathing animations:
You can download EatingSleepingDrinking for two more bathing animations.
You download the package from here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52269/
Take the main file for all features, or for just the bathing animations, in OPTIONAL FILES section, there is "Animations Package for Private Needs Discreet".
Remember to run FNIS Generator after installing either release.


Not supported but at least disable NPC features and move to a cell with a minimum amount of NPCs before creating the save. Load the savegame in Savetool and delete scripts with PND_ prefix.


- richard19840706 for Private Needs
- Leito86 for animations
- Arrok for animations
- MasterCChris & XAZ for animations
- jonx0r for Manure mod (poop meshes, textures, sound files)
- VectorPlexus and Smurf for Schlongs of Skyrim (meshes and textures)
- canderes for the original bathing animation
- gekkou1992 for KuNeruNomu bathing animations
- krazyguy126 and XP32 for the skeleton
- ElminsterAU for TES5Edit
- Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit


- lhalorellon

What's New in Version 1.9.1


  • v1.9.x tuning, new options, bug fixes, (new bugs?) , dropped the installer

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