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Sucre LGBT Animations [20-October] 0.0.9 lgbt

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About This File

Hi Everyone!


I'm Sucre and I want to share with all of you my lgbt pack for the sims 4 made with the awesome tool WickedWhims!

I'm not so good at animating, but I made some previous attempt before posting this.

I know there are a lot of other animations far better then mine, but everyone are hetero-oriented. So I wanted to create a pack of animations lgbt only. Can this pack be a beacon for all who seek lgbt animations!

I want to be honest with all of you, I know that you don't like people that as soon open a page here start a Patreon too, but I don't have work and even a few people that will support me for me is a big help, plus I won't do like other animators. Every time I will release an animation on Patreon the first stage will be free for all, so everyone can try the first stage of patreon animations!

I hope you will forgive me for attempt to make some money with this. From my part I can only repay you with awesome lgbt animations.


Thanks for listened me.


I'm an huge fan of Mass Effect and Marvel's characters so you will always see Liara, Jane Shepard, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in my GIF!


LGBT Animations & Previews (based on Location)


If you like what i'm doing and want be part of this join me on Patreon.


Thanks you so much!




I want to say thanks to all people that help the community with all the addition to this world like

Azmodan22 for rigged penis, Autobanned for the tongue, denton47 for physics, Turbodriver for WickedWhims, EA/Maxis for Sims 4, Blender Foundation for Blender.


What's New in Version 0.0.9 lgbt   See changelog



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animations n.11

  • Location: Counter
  • Sims: Male to Male





Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animations n.10

  • Location: Bench Outdoor
  • Sims: Female To Female



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animations n.9

  • Location: Double Bed
  • Sims: Male



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animation n.8

  • Location: Double Bed
  • Sims: Male to Male to Male


Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animations n.7

  • Location: DJ Console
  • Sims: Male to Male to Male OR Male to Male



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animations n.6

  • Location: Double Bed.
  • Sims: Female on Female



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animation n.5

  • Location: Double Bed.
  • Sims: Male to Male 



Added DEMO (First Stage) of

Animation n.3

  • Location:Shower
  • Sims: Male to Male 

Animation n.4

  • Location:Shower
  • Sims: Female to Female


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