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Fall of The Dragonborn SSE V0.708.1

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About This File

Fall of The Dragonborn SSE


I did NOT create this mod, I simply converted SkyLover37's Wonderful for Skyrim Special Edition.


Description copied from SkyLover37's original upload page:



Fall of the Dragonborn


What this mod adds(Right now) - Details in mechanics

Humiliation System - Character will feel humiliation based on events sent to the mod. 

Exhibitionism system - character will slowly progress to like being naked.

Armor skimpiness system(ASS) - Allows you to set your armors skimpiness, also allows automatic armor resize based on player settings that is based on character breast, belly, ass size.(SLIF)

Upgrading from 0.6 to 0.7

Just overwrite. New game shouldn't be required.





PapyrusUtil SE


SexlabFramework SE

Sexlab Aroused Redux SE

Sexlab Sexual Fame SE

UiExtensions SE


 and all their requirements.


Soft Requirements

S_L_U_T_S (No SE Conversion YET)- Character will not enter break animations while in SLUTS gear

Devious Training SE - Reduces humiliation gain from DD items the higher trained you are in DD items

SXP (No SE Conversion YET) - Explanation in mechanics

   Devious Mind Break (No SE Conversion YET)- Explanation in mechanics

   Separate Orgasm SE - Explanation in mechanics

Skooma Whore SE - Explanation in mechanics

SlaveTats SE - Required for Dibellan Defender

Dibellan Defender (No SE Conversion YET)- Will be helpful for naked gameplay.

Realistic Needs and Diseases SE - For intoxication

Milk Mod Economy SE - Break Event

Simple Slavery Plus SE - Break Event



Known issues.

1. Once in game, you will need to remove and re-equip your clothes to get SLSF to register you as wearing clothing.

2. If your not running devious devices, SLSF may register you as naked while wearing most hats, to fix this open the SLSf menu and add your hat to the excluded list. Or toggle the 'Fix SLSF' toggle in the gernal tab of the MCM to on, and it will do it automatically.

3. The 'events' tab of the MCM has a lowercase E. It is a capital in the script. the mcm appears to just be being a dick ATM.

Mechanics(including not implemented yet).

SLSF = Sexlab Sexual Fame



Exhibitionism Decay - First iteration:

If toggle on, if player goes long enough without gaining exhibitionism XP, the players exhibitionism level/xp will begin to decay. If the player will lose 1 exhibitionism level per day equal to their level so a level 1 exhibitionist will go down 1 level after 1 day and a level 35 exhibitionist will go down after 35 days. the xp required for the next level does not go down with the level.

The exhibitionist levels are:


                      Beginner Exhibitionist  -partial                      

Only stages are implemented, buffs are not.

Exhibitionist Stage 1 - Pure - In skyrim, being properly dressed is the difference between life and death.


Exhibitionist Stage 2 - Denial - How is it possible I survived this long after losing my clothing so often?



                      Natural Exhibitionist                        

Only stages are implemented, buffs are not.

Exhibitionist Stage 3 - Broken in - I've come to accept being naked sometimes is part of my journey.


Exhibitionist Stage 4 - Experimenting - I prefer to wear less clothing than the average person... if any at all.


Exhibitionist Stage 5 - Exhibitionist - I hate wearing anything now, I wave to everyone as I let my breasts bounce in the open, and laugh as the men try to hide their erections. It's great feeling wanted.



Current Events



If a NPC sees you it will create a unique humiliating event.


-Area fame humiliation.

feel humiliation when entering a place with bad fame about you.


-Break events

When the character breaks, a random event will selected to happen to the character. If any event interrupts anything, please let me know.

Armor Skimpiness System - ASS

If you toggle the ASS on in the MCM, when you equip a piece of armor it will ask you to mark it as Well fitted, tight, suggestive, revealing, arousing, micro armor, or nipple tassels. If you have the inflation framework mod, as your characters body grows armor will get tighter and eventually you wont be able to wear it, forcing you to go to skimpier armor. All of this is configurable in the MCM. Nipple tassels are exempt from being effected by body growth. 


It compares your current body size difference against the skimpiest armor first. So it checks your body difference in this order: Arousing, Revealing, tight, Well fitted. So even if your 'Well fitted' tier up setting is set to not go up a tier till body difference of, say, 5. If your arousing armor tier up is still at 2 it will still assume your past the threshold.  Also, the max armor size is per armor type, not universal.



Mod Integrations


Character will lose XP if they encounter a break.

MCM option to increase humiliation gain the more XP you have on hand.


Devious Mindbreak

Character will gain XP if they have a pleasure break, and will lose XP if they have a frustration break

Separate Orgasm

Chracter gains XP per orgasm of non-aggresive 


All XP gains/losses are not fixed, they are a percentage of your total XP. so the mroe XP you have the more you can gain, and the more you can lose.




Dragon Souls

Dragon souls increase players purity.



How to make SLSF recognize all DD devices:

Use the FixSLSF setting in the general tab of the MCM




This requires you to know how to compile pscs.

Disclaimer: This is what I did to fix it, and it works for me. If it doesn't work for you. not my fault, promise.

Open "SLSF_Monitor.psc".

on line 284, add "|| PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(Config.DDHeadDevice[2]" at the end.

On line 299, remove the ';' 




SkyLover37 for creating this wonderful mod and giving me permission to share this conversion with you

To Ashal for Sexlab

Fishburger for Sexlab aroused

 Murfk for slavetats and Dibellan Defender

 Versh for his framework

 m.skynet for DAtt framework.

MrEsturk for most of the code for the random exhibitionist stripping


If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz

What's New in Version V0.708.1


What's New in Version 0.708

Released September 11


-Fixed- Dibella statue should activate now.

[NOMKAZ]  added ESL flagged Lite plugin version (optional)


-Fixed- Removed bad line causing PC to appear twice in SLSO widget.


-Fixed- Humiliation was never gaining XP in 0.705, previous versions shouldn't have experienced this.


-Fixed- Issue with exhib XP/level decay

-Fixed- Missing exhib level cap(now caps at 100)

-Fixed- Removed dibella statue purity potion requirement until next major update


-Fixed- The random event RNG actually works now.


-Fixed- Removed a debug line.

Sorry for the update spam. ^.^;


-Fixed- Quest alias skill being filled even when no event was chosen.


-Fixed- Event while loop never closing if none of the break events are chosen.

-Added- Fame Handlers to the taverns in: Riverwood, whiterun, winterhold, windhelm, solitude, markarth. By paying them a configurable
    amount, they will clear any fame you've accumulated by flooding that region with fake news. 
-Added- Players Arousal will now increase using the solution of: 
    ((Shown + hidden equip status) * (Exhiblevel/100)) * number of people who saw the player
-Added- Furthur SLSO integration: High Exhibitionism now yields greater sex enjoyment. it is the amount of 
    people detected around you multiplied by your exhib level. This will more than likely cause
    your character to orgasm a fuck ton while a raging exhibitionist. That is intended.
-Added- iNeed drunk support for Humiliation suppression.
-Added- Mini Needs drunk support for Humiliation suppression
-Fixed- Armor will properly be resized when using any or all of the ASS - breast, ass, or belly trackers.
-Fixed- Issue with humiliation never reaching 100 due to devious aura gaining so much value so quickly.
-Fixed- Exhib not changing script value
-Fixed- Issue with armor gifting events not giving armor due to pulling from a list that didn't have armor in it.
-Fixed- Issue with changing humiliation key not working till reloading the game.
-Changed- Only references 1 body size instead of adding the 2. IE. instead of adding left+right, it now only references the left breast/butt.
-Changed- Greatly improved the break events handling script. I feel the new script should make the RNG a bit more varied while also making
    the chosen events match more with the player defined weights. 
-Changed- Added option to drop stripped clothing when a self strip event is triggered
-Changed- Greater chance to strip worn clothing when not in a town.
-Changed- General MCM changes/fixes

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