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Dibellan Defender - Naked Heroines of Skyrim 1.2.1

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About This File

Join the Dibellan Defenders today!

Fight naked against every danger known to Skyrim.


The Dibellan Defenders tattoo pack for SlaveTats 1.0+ makes nudity a viable option in Skyrim, by providing magical tattoos that combine to provide an assortment of protections and enchantments -- as long as you're naked.


Note: These spells are balanced against Skyrim + Apocalypse Spells + SPERG + ASIS + Climates of Tamriel + Nighteye Overhaul + ENB default configuration. If you have a different set up, you might find them a little over- or under-powered, but they should still be in the right ballpark.


The included tattoos are:


Dibellan Callings:

  • Dibellan Warrior's Mark
  • Dibellan Assassin's Mark
  • Dibellan Wizard's Mark
  • Dibellan Scholar's Mark

The Dibellan Callings don't do anything by themselves, but you have to have one before you can access any of the other tattoos. When combined with a Dibellan Style, they grant powerful benefits.


Dibellan Styles:

  • Glyph of Dibella's Grace
    • Combined with the Dibellan Warrior's Mark, grants damage resistance
    • Combined with the Dibellan Assassin's Mark, grants a Sneak bonus
    • Combined with the Dibellan Wizard's Mark, damages and drains stamina from nearby hostiles
    • Combined with the Dibellan Scholar's Mark, calms nearby low level hostiles

    [*]Glyph of Dibella's Passion

    • Combined with the Dibellan Warrior's Mark, grants stamina regeneration
    • Combined with the Dibellan Assassin's Mark, grant double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons
    • Combined with the Dibellan Wizard's Mark, grants magicka regeneration
    • Combined with the Dibellan Scholar's Mark, grants shout cooldown time reduction

    [*]Glyph of Dibella's Beauty

    • Combined with the Dibellan Warrior's Mark, grants improved prices
    • Combined with the Dibellan Assassin's Mark, grants improved lockpicking
    • Combined with the Dibellan Wizard's Mark, grants improved persuade
    • Combined with the Dibellan Scholar's Mark, grants improved Speech

Dibellan Wardsign:


Each Mark-and-Glyph combination provides a powerful benefit, but none of them actually grant you an armor rating. The Wardsign grants you an armor rating that increases as your character gains levels, and a flat magic resistance.




You can choose one of three Sigils, each of which provides you with resistance to fire, frost, or shock. This resistance increases as your character levels up.




You can choose one of four emblems. Each emblem gives you three benefits:

  • The Emblem of Craft fortifies Enchanting, Smithing and Alchemy
  • The Emblem of War fortifies One-Handed, Two-Handed and Block
  • The Emblem of Hunting fortifies Archery, silences you, and provides you with automatic night vision when it gets dark
  • The Emblem of Magic fortifies Destruction, Alteration and Restoration

Goddess Eyes:


You can pick one Goddess Eye tattoo. These are facial tattoos, so the don't appear on the SlaveTats body tab with the rest.

  • The Goddess Eye of Life grants you occasional glimpses of Detect Life
  • The Goddess Eye of Death grants you occasional glimpses of Detect Dead

Manifested Weapons:


Manifested weapons are weapons that appear when you 'draw' and disappear when you 'sheath', as long as you aren't already weilding something (not even a spell) in that hand. They are tied to Dibellan tattoos that are inked on the back of a Dibellan's hands. Each manifested weapon grows in power as you level up.

  • The Graceful Sword drains stamina on hit
  • The Passionate Dagger drains health on hit
  • The Beautiful Bow inflcts Frenzy on targets of level 12 or less. Works with normal arrows, but you can also use:
    • Arrows of Passion deal fire damage
    • Arrows of Beauty deal ice damage
    • Arrows of Grace deal shock damage

    [*]The Shield of Dibella's Gaze is a shield, which gains armor rating as you level up

    [*](only available to heretics) The Macabre Axe is a big, brutal axe which has a necromantic enchantment.

By choosing and combining the tattoos, you can create a collection of protections and fortifications that make armor unneccessary for a wide variety of characters. Then you can wander around Skyrim and have people make snide remarks about your nudity all day long.


A note on texture packs:

There are multiple texture packs for the Dibellan Defender tattoo pack. The original pack is bundled with the basic download: if you like those tattoos, you don't need to download a separate texture pack. If you like one of the alternate texture sets, just download it and overwrite the original files with the files in the texture pack. If you want to revert to the original textures, they've been provided as a separate download, which you can install just like any other texture pack.

What's New in Version 1.2.1


  • #1.2.1
  • Shield and weapons retain their correct armor and damage ratings across save/load
  • Possibly more compatible with unexpected versions of SlaveTats, JContainers, SKSE, and so on.
  • #1.2.0
  • Requires SlaveTats 1.0.4+ and JContainers 3.0.0+
  • New tattoos let you manifest weapons and/or a shield
  • New tattoo lets you become a Dibellan heretic. It's exciting!
  • Control how much armor you get per level, and how much damage manifested weapons do per level
  • Better Nighteye control
  • Override the acceptability of specific items of apparel. Want your chastity belt to interfere with Dibella's blessings? No problem. Want your corset to be sexy in the goddess's sight? No problem.
  • #1.1.0
  • Mod Configuration Menu
  • Dibella's tastes are configurable
  • SkyRe compatibility mode
  • Optional esm that clothing makers can use to mark their clothes as "Dibella Approved"

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