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aaaaaa first off, let me just say I'm so sorry for my absence ! my computer was being a bastard and wouldn't work with me! but now, its okay, so...

Presenting to you, Ashleigh Montano, your bitch girlfriend ! Ashleigh is a emotional, jealous, self-absorbed, hot-headed, girl, these traits just mask her insecurity. Even though she can be a raging bitch at times, you know that deep down she loves you and the sex is pretty amazing. She's the type of girl that lots of bands probably wrote about. Oh Ashleigh, such a bitch but you love nevertheless. Can you handle her ?


YOU NEED GET TO WORK AND BOWLING NIGHT if you want Ashleigh to look exactly like the pictures !


all mods are included (BIG THANKS TO THE MODDERS)


if you download her, feel free to send me an update on your bitch girlfriend :)


thank you for downloading ! ❤️ (support me)


(btw if this does well, i might make a blonde ver. of bitch girlfriend, this concept is really fun to make ^^)

What's New in Version 1.0.01


  • i have one brain cell which is why i uploaded the wrong file the first time, sorry for any inconvenience !

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