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Nia Outfit CBBE + Bodyslide Support Conversion

Installation : just extract the files in correct Location ---------------- you must install [FIRST] Calientes CBBE Body http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/2666/?

than install Calientes Bodyslide 2 -------------- http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/49015/? ---------------

to make sure all works extract the Armor files frist than the Bodyslide files .


Armor is included like always.


HOw to Get It :

just type Nia or Niaoutfit in the console / player.additeam XXXX X / maybe its craftable i didn't tested it xD


You know you can always change the body size or Armor size . So if you want you own body creation ( Slider Present ) seen when you equip the Armor open bodyslide chose your Slider Present and click than on Batch build [ OK] -- done .

If you want to fix something at the armor you need to load project and than load the Slider Set


It could be possible that you will have the problem that your Nipple come through the Bekini my way to fix that is always create a new Slide Present with the same Option you are useing on your nude body just without Nipple Lengh or use a negative value for example NippleLengh [-20]

after that you hit Batch build Buttom . than you chose your Orginal Slider Present (With Nipple Size ) and click Creat Bodies .

So your character looks nude totaly normal and the Armor is fixed too .


If you have any problems write me a Personal Massage .


---------------Have Fun---------------------


Credits and thanks :

to Caliente for the CBBE Body and Bodyslide http://www.nexusmods...users/3330686/?


and to Shocky who converted the armor to Skyrim http://www.loverslab...avage-with-bbp/