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    [Skyrim] if some body have an idea for a new armor conversion to CBBE with Bodyslide support just write me i will try to convert it as soon as possible ;)
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  1. but i have this bronze shine only with male textures face textures work fine and all females also don't have this problem .
  2. i a question or two first i have neck seam at body head and at the penis how do i slove this and secound the body textures all have bronze shine for whatever reason which also btw enhances the neck seams i don't have this bronze shine with other textures so i am guessing it has something to to with this mod .
  3. you update the textures really . in the SEE version the textures are way better
  4. i have a question when ever i engage a sex scene the old MNC textures get put on any ideas why this is the case . i installed this mod via NMM and overwrite everything with yours .
  5. just pls add a better description were is exactly written what this mod does and what its changes plus adding a view pictures would also help
  6. which mod did he used for the dirt and cum textures ?
  7. i don't know if someone still looking for an sulution for this problem my sulution was in case you are useing Havok physics simply give the item '' havok physics '' to you follower and he will stop going invisible that worked for me ok nvm it didn't work
  8. are Dog or supermutent penises also includet if not where can i download them ?
  9. ahh nvm i gave you my support you did very good work in past and will in future ^^
  10. I would like to be you patreon but i my problem is i not willed to pay for something were i don't see what i am paying for . is there any chance were we could see some pitcures on Patreon , so i can see what i am paying for ? because there is no iformation what is now for free user and is only for Patreon users
  11. i had simular problem everything seem to work only head textures not applying My Solution was i took the wet female heads textures from fairskin CBBE and placed it in Data\Textures\Actors\Character\WetFunction and renamed it in wethead_s.dds after that everything good even standalone follower worked like chaconne. even if you use other Bodytextures like Demoniac it should still work . i don't understand why the mod autor never made an update and placed this simple one file into his textures because if you check his textures files head textures are missing
  12. what race mod you used in your screenshot ? i mean that one with the hoofs .
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