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About This File

Just some stuff I do in my free time!



Armors / Clothes




2. Dragonbone Barbarian Armor - SevenBase / UNPB / CBBE

Description & Photos




There is no need for long descriptions, so lets just get to the point, this is a lore-friendly skimpy modular armor for 7B and UNPB, the armor and all its modular pieces can be found in a chest at High Hrothgar, right on the stairs. This armor is not compatible with SOS (Schlongs of Skyrim)


Things you need know first:


- There is no weightslider support or bbp (just set your char at 100 weight)

- The armor is not craftable (this was intended)

- There will be a few clippings

- The Chainmail Cape can only be obtained from the console, this is because the cape is clipping a bit and until I fix it, that will be the only way.

- Some modular pieces can be combined with other armors, but I do not guarantee that they will fit that specific armor.

- The helmet hair has a few "transparent issues"

- The boots have a few flying vertices when running or moving, not noticeable unless you look for them.


About the UNPB Version:

The UNPB Version has limited modular features, this is because the armor was not made for UNPB and until someone does a conversion it will stay this way. Several equipable armor pieces were removed because of that so I strongly reccomend to use the 7B version instead.


Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52711/?

UNPB Download(MAIN FILE REQUIRED!): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52711/?

7B Cleavage TBBP by ACanOfWin 100 weight only(MAIN FILE REQUIRED!): http://www.mediafire.com/download/63naq76s68f1u3e/DB_7B_Cleavage_TBBP.rar




Any UNP body type.




Contact me first.


Credits & Thanks

TheMinBlack for the base armor and his workshop

Crosscrusade for some meshes

MrTroubleMaker for chainmail panties

Apachii for the hair

Nightasy for some meshes

MAK07 for some meshes

Elnalter for forsworn retextures

Sevennity & Co for Sevenbase

Bethesda obviously


Vincentproxy for testing

B3ast1e for testing

HoneyVanity for testing

Hajtus for testing

sunwalker for testing


If I forgot anyone I'm very sorry :(








GIF IMAGE with all the modular pieces











1. Shocky's LichKing Armor Edit - SevenBase

Description & Photos




This is an mesh edit, credits goes to the author(s), Jojjo, Arthas and newwogudnew for some assets, sorry if I missed anyone.





- Some weird movement on the front skull, not in the mood to fix that now, soon maybe.

NOTE: I no longer have the textures that are in the images, I've lost them somehow, but I did a new one.










Misc - ADDED NEW STUFF 2015!




5. Skyrim Necrosarium Set NEW!

Description & Photos





Skyrim Necrosarium Set by Shocky


This mod contains more than 20 jewelry pieces ported from Sims 3 with permission to Skyrim,for FEMALES ONLY. They are originally made to fit the 7B body.



- Necklaces

- Earrings

- Eyepatches

- ....and a mask

each has one or more color sets.


All of them are stored in a chest, in Markarth, Temple of Dibella. In case you don't find the chest, you can simply spawn it by console, search for "Necrosarium".


More Screenshots: Clicky




S-Club for those brilliant pieces http://sclub.mktm.co.uk/en

Kazumi (Necrosarium) for the inspiration https://www.facebook.com/Necrosarium

Stealthic & Kalilies for screenshots.


If you are going to reupload, at least leave a link to the original post. http://shockyy.tumblr.com/






3. Shocky's PosePack Humans

Description & Photos







This pose pack currently adds around 30 Sex Poses(meant to be pairs) for both Males and Female characters, It also adds 17 Misc poses(such as hugging,kissing,erotic etc.) for both Male and Females.


The mod will be continuously updated with more poses in the future.




I have no pics this time :(


DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, If I see people reuploading this without my permission I will simply stop making pose mods and I will keep the future ones for myself.




2. Shocky's Creature Sex Poses 0.2 - UPDATED TO 2.0!

Description & Photos








Read the Readme for more info.




This is a Creature Sex Pose mod, and it contains poses where humans have sex with creatures, be it consensual or rape, if this isn't your thing, please move along and ignore this mod.

Currently it only contains 27 consensual sex poses with creatures, there will be more in the future so follow this thread!


There will appear two new pose rings in your inventory, use them to pose your character.

Current Version: 2.0




The pose mod is already Mod Manager compatible, so I would reccomend you to install it with that, if you want to install it manually go ahead.


AFTER you installed it, make sure you run Generate FNIS for Users before entering the game!




This mod requires FNIS, just like any other Pose mod or animation mod.


Dawnguard DLC (only if you want the Death Hound Brute to have correct textures)




Fore for FNIS

Leito86 for Creature Features

diarawr for Horny Dogs of Skyrim




You have alignment Issues?: I recommend on setting your character Height to 1 or 1.02 in RaceMenu, if that dosen't help, use my skeleton file(only BBP enabled). If that dosen't help either, then it's an issue on your end and you'll have to find out why.


Clipping issues?: Those poses, and the future ones are made to fit my character structure, so if there is clipping, you'll have to live with it, I cannot edit every single animation just to fit one person's character.


Poses not working?: Check Installation.








1. Deathound Brute (Replacer or Follower)

Description & Photos




Just a mesh edit that makes the Death hound brute to actually look like a brute. He's a lot wider,more muscular looking now, it almost makes the normal hound look like a kitty. xD


There are two versions, the normal one,


and the Loverslab version, this is intended for SexLab usage(It includes an erect penis! :o), requires Horny Dogs of Skyrim on LL. If you want to..ummm...have sex with him(the follower version), you need to open the console, click on him, and type 'sexchange' and you're ready to go!


You can either choose the replacer version which replaces the normal Death Hounds




You can choose the Follower version which dosen't replace anything, he can be found at Whiterun Hall of the Dead, he talks and can carry stuff,don't ask me why :o



and he's compatible with any retexture.




- NO REUPLOAD, contact me first if you want to do that, (Loverslab(Shocky) / Nexusmods(Shockero)




Normal Version















What's New in Version 2.0


  • _________
  • 15.01.2015
  • - Released Skyrim Necrosarium Set
  • _________
  • 23.11.2014
  • - Updated Creature Pose Pack
  • _________
  • 26.07.2014
  • - Released Shocky's PosePack Humans
  • _________
  • 19.07.2014
  • - Released Shocky's Creature Sex Poses
  • _________
  • 13.06.2014
  • - Added Death Hound Brute
  • _________
  • 10.04.2014
  • - 7B and UNPB versions are now enchantable,temperable etc.
  • _________
  • 05.04.2014
  • - Added 7B Cleavage TBBP for Dragonbone Barbarian
  • - Fixed textures on the Chainmail Cape
  • - Added Dragonbone Barbarian Armor for 7B and UNPB
  • _________
  • 03.02.2014
  • - Fixed LichKing texture
  • - Release