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Okay so these aren't crude or rude, These fantastic Drawings are by an artist called Mari945, I intended these for personal use for one of my sims Children, but as they turned out so nice (In my mind) I decided to share them, Okay Okay Lovers Lab not really the place for such mild items I know (I also uploaded to my Tumblr Page). So I give to you my Disney Manga MakeOver Collection. the files are separated so you can download the parts you want. Each File is Labeled. i.e [Bio121]MangaMakeOver_Girls_Jumper 1 Would be set 1 as listed below. The Pictures however are one file with 5 swatches 


Pictures :


Picture 1: Belle - Mulan - Cinderella

Picture 2: Aurora - SnowWhite - Ariel

Picture3: Elsa - Tiana - Anna

Picture 4: Kida - Merida - Jasmine

Picture 5: Rapunzel - Alice - Pocahontas 

Picture 6 Esmeralda - Tinkerbell - Megara

Picture 7 Giselle - Thimbelina - Jane


File Updated to include Pictures 6 & 7




Children's Jumpers/Sweaters 


Set 1: Anna - Elsa - Tiana {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White}

Set 2: Ariel - Aurora - Snow White {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White}

Set 3: Jasmine - Kida - Merida {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White}

Set 4: Alice - Pocahontas - Rapunzel {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White} 

Set 5: Belle - Cinderella - Mulan {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White}

Set 6: Esmeralda - TinkerBell - Megara {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green &White}

Set 7: Giselle - Thimbelina - Jane {Black,Purple,Pink,Blue,Green & White}


Files Added for Sets 6 & 7


Each Jumper/Sweater set contains 3 Disney Princess images Placed on 6 different coloured Jumper/Sweaters.


No more updated Content will be added to this file.


Watch This space because there will be some Naughty Disney Pictures & Clothing heading this way soon.


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