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About This File


——— About this Mod ———



(Sorry guys my English is no good, hope you can understand the translations below)



  • This is a clothing MOD that contains a piece of clothing, two accessories (Sabre, and Pod), and two helmets.
  • The two helmets have a 2B face (no expression), one uses the player's own face (expression, if you have confidence in yourself can try this)
  • There is a simple physics effect on clothes and hair (this is the second time I've done physics, I can use it, if I'm doing it a bit, I'm going to wear it a bit)


  • Get Method: ChemStation/Console/etc


  • Notice Because I was a high imitation Miss 2B, I didn't do a Bodyslide file.
  • Yes, this dress does not support BS, but uses a CBBE stature skeleton, so you will need to install Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer before you install this


  • Known BUG and related conflicts MOD have not been found


  • I didn't use gloves and the texture material was normal. The left hand's feathers would wear with the Pip-boy. I originally intended to remove the feathers of my left hand, but I didn't think much about it. If you don't like it, you can open the model and delete it yourself.





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