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DickChick v3 Series -Piper- 3.1

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Playing Fallout 4? Looking at all theese dirty .. Wastelanders around you? Thinking with that thing below your belt? Stop! Thats unimmersive - you play Nora - a woman there is nothing below your belt - and that is where DickChick joins your Game. Yeah.. i made that mod only for immersion-reasons... or or because i like Futanaris - jea yes, probably the second option. 
However: Let me introduce you.....


[DickChick v3] [ DickChick v3 Series -Piper- ]

Also on Nexus - This mod contains 24 files to Choose from - maybe the Nexus list is a bit more.. sorted. - just saying..^^

As Part of DickChick V3 starts now the series of Female Companions - the first one is my Favorite Companion: Piper. V3 of the Main-Mod is finally stable and easy to use. Basicly give DickChick v3 Series Piper your companion Piper a fully working *DingDong* in all customization possibilities of DickChickv3. See "Features" for more informations.


  • Easy to use: Just install the mod and it.. just works. No menu, no console, no craftable Item or anything like that. Just took off Pipers clothes and you will see her dirty -properly not so little- secret.
  • Auto-Equip / Unequip: When you or a third-party Mod put Pipers clothes back on, her *DingDong* will instantly disappear. Like it's appear when she wear the eve-costume. It just works like magic but in the way of science! xD
  • Many Customizations: Piper comes with a.. authors choice of form. With the Cut *DingDong*, small Balls and black pubic-hairs as seam-hider. But there many combinations between different types of *DingDongs*, Balls and Seamhider possible. 
  • Customizations *DingDongs*: The *DingDong* comes with 4 different options: Cut, Uncut, a Cut - slightly oversized and a ridiculous oversized version as request.
  • Customizations Balls: There 5 Versions of Balls to choose from: Small balls, Big Balls, even bigger Balls, no Balls and again oversized balls as request.
  • Customizations Seamhider: There is a meshseam between the Body, Pipers *DingDong* and her Balls - they can be hide with a selection of pubic-hairs or a *DingDong*-Ring. There 7 different Options to Choose from: Black, Blond, Brown, Grey and Red pubic-hairs, a *DingDong*-Ring or.. just no hider.
  • Easy to Manage: Once you took off Pipers clothes you have to tap the 8 key on your Numpad to toggle her errection between Flaccid, Midhard and Hard - then back to flaccid. If you try to get her errect while wearing clothes you get a notification, with the advice to took of her clothes first.


  • DickChickV3 Series Piper need's the Main-Mod [DickChick v3] but don't worry, if you don't want your Character to be a DickChick - just toggle it via Num6 off and you will never recognize it again until you turn it back on.
  • Installation its pretty simple - just Download one of the Mainfiles and drag and drop the files into your data folder (NMM works also).
  • If you fine with my selection of chooseable options: Fine you're finish Just activate the mod an have fun with Pipers new *DingDong*.


  • If not: Look at the optional files section and download the options of your personal taste and install them just like the main-file and just override existing files.
  • and.. now youre finished - pretty simple, how i sayed.


Q: Requirements?
A: Yes. A legal Copy of Fallout 4, F4SE and DickChick v3 (Safe) Version. Cbbe is a soft requirement but should be work with any other bodymod too if not you could use outfitstudio to adjust your chosen nif-Files to your body or bodyslide preset. If someone tell me how to make a bodyslide-Preset for my nif-Files i will upload them too. 

Q:Why different Textures and Nifs for the Public-Hairs?
A: o.O - i Tryed to use Hair-Tint but it didn't work.. i don't know why but it just dont work. So different nifs, different textures.._. sorry if someone can say me how i use the hairtint, i will change it soon. But skintint has worked.. for some reason. xD

Q: Oh man.. learn english!
A: wait thats not a question... but yo.. English is not my motherlanguage im actually really bad with english.. at least writing. In Understanding i'm actually pretty good. So sorry i have to say: Just deal with it.^^

Q: Where is the NPC / Follower-Support??!!
A: NPC- Support actually won't happen. Not from my side. Because it just not possible for genereric NPC's at least not with my script how it is at the moment. But Follower Supports start here for now!

Q: Can i Make new meshes?
A: Yes.. please.. yes! yes.. and  ehm yes. xD i think my meshes are really out of date. but my mudbox license is war ago expired and my max license now too -_- so from my side don't come new meshed but i where glad to see (& use) new ones.

Q: Can i Upload your mod to another Site? | What is with Patches, Bugfixes and updates?
A: No! No and don't. Not under any circumstances and the Guy who translate v2 in to rus and load it up without even asking vertainly not. -.- You can still make a translation.. its only one sentence.. who cares. But Upload only on Nexus or Loverslab - nowhere else! And even this only as the old fashioned way: -Original mod still required-. Same for Patches, Updates, Bugfixes and so on. And no im not mean, greedy or stingy or what ever the right word is but uploading without asking .. ah come on - thats not necessary. 


This Mod is only compatible with any Makeover Mod, that do not changes Pipers Body to another Mesh-Form- if you want to change her Body as well do it with LooksMenu by yourself, or just dont use this mod here. If you use Unique Player by d_rail1602 OR Unique Player and Followers REDUX by FGmodule make Sure you are install the v3.1.1 version of the specific Patchfile not 3.0, not 3.1 - 3.1.1 - !

DickChick uses 3 biped slots. 54,55 and 56. If another mod uses the same equipslots then it will be unequipped for your genitals. For now i dont know how to change that. In skyrim are mods out that attach objects to the player charakter without using a equip slot (like quicklight) but ive never checked how they actually work. if i find it out someday i will make it simlear. but for now i have to use 3 biped slots.

DickChick is fully compatible with CWSS Redux and should also be with any other mod, that undress Piper without a Nudesuit.

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