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Hello Everyone and welcome to my first adult career and I'm sure the first of many. I have noticed that there are not many or the same type over and over. I know I like variety in my game. This career is simple. It is in English, French, Russian and Spanish translations. Thanks to Google Translate. Enjoy Piscean Simmer


About Career:


Financial domination is a fetish where a submissive is "forced" to give money to a Dominant. The submissives are known as money slaves, paypigs, moneypigs and or walletslaves. The FinDom basically bleeds your wallet dry for their own enjoyment. Like most fetishes this is a consensual one between two people with guidelines and rules. This fetish generally does not include sex. Both parties are getting something they want out of it, even if the terms are harsh and sound nonconsensual. 



  • It can be used to level or to give a townie the title after the first 3 levels of FinDom. 
  • There are 10 levels
  • Work: 1-3 days a week.
  • Hours: 1-4 a day
  • Pay: $100- $3000 an hour



Level Example:


Title- Worshiped FinDom 


Description- Your little piggies worship you, that now you only have to work one day a week and you get lots of paid time off. You have started to take on some bigger wallets and you are excited for what the future holds.


Pay- $8,000 a day for 4 hours work.


⚠️ Do not put this script file more than 1 folder into the Mods Folder. Sims 4/Mods/"Whatever File name you want" 









What's New in Version 1.6


Updated: Compatible with game version Let me know if you have any issues. Piscean Simmer


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